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For those who are new to the guitar world, differentiating one guitar from another may seem quite difficult. Two guitars might seem similar, but they can be very different from each other. Certain main features determine how the guitar will sound, as well as the suitability for particular music style. Not considering all those factors may make you end up with the wrong guitar. Some of the main factors to consider when looking for a top acoustic electric guitar have been discussed below.


The sound waves produced by the strings of an electric aSdxsdcsZASguitar resonates against the wood used to make the guitar. This produces certain tones, which resonate for different durations, depending on the wood and body type. Some of the most common wood types include Alder, Ash, Mahogany, and Maple. Alder is the least expensive of all these. For the neck, mahogany and maple are normally used while for the fretboard, rosewood, maple, or ebony is used. For the top electric guitar brands, you are likely to get a mixture of warm and bright tonewoods for the fretboard, body, and neck, which produce a balanced tone.


The vibrations produced by the strings are picked up by the pickups, which then turns them into an audio signal that is passed to the amplifier. There are two types of pickups, humbucker, and single-coil. The single coil includes only one set of magnets and one coil and produces a sound that is bright and clear. The humbucker, on the other hand, has two single coils and two poles or two single magnets. It produces a sound that is warm and full. The top brands will feature more than one pickup, which allows you to switch quickly between them.

aScdASsZCFvBody style

A majority of the electric guitars have a solid body. A solid body allows you to amplify the signal more, with the ability to add effects to the sound. The hollow-body reduces the weight of the guitar as well as produces more resonance. Depending on your sound preferences, you can choose appropriately.


An electric guitar will come with either active or passive electronics or both. The passive electronics allows for only tone and volume control. For the active electronics, you get the ability to command over high, mid, and low frequencies and filters as well. A 9-volt battery is required for the active electronics. Most top brands have the active electronics or both, allowing you to switch between them.

Features To Look For In Top Electric Guitar Brands