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It takes absolute talent for one to qualify as a real singer. Over the years, we have come across great singers who have greatly showcased their talents but we have also witnessed a bunch of people who parade themselves as singers but do not have what it takes. These types of musicians end up filling our ears with noise in the name of music. Day by day we are getting pretty pissed off by them, but I think it’s high time to call them out for being bad singers. Being a music lover, I compiled a group of musical artists who are the worst singers in the world. Here is the list;

· Cannibal Corpsejsdfgjsfjt838593

It is shocking to hear people call his songs music because the singer sounds more like he is vomiting broken razors. His lyrics are very unoriginal, gross, disgusting and totally drive away anyone who is listening. The genre he delivers his music in is completely out of line. Therefore, he is one of the worst singers.

· The Beatles

One might be tempted to call The Beatles a boy band, but musically speaking they are as good as dead. Their song writing skills are questionable, in fact listening to their songs e.g. “Hello, Goodbye’’ and “I Want to Hold Your Hand’’ sound like they were written by a kindergarten kid. The rest of their songs sound like they were done while the band members were high on weed. The Beatles are therefore one band with the worst singers.

· Bob Dylan

As much as this artist used to sing gospel, this singer made it to the list of the worst singers to be known. He made a bunch of disgusting gospel albums that only sold to his Diehard fans. Bob Dylan was selfish at every phase of his musical career despite the fact that many people saw him as a voice of change.

· Joy Divison

Joy Divison is among the worst singers that are known; though it’s rather obvious that this musician was famous back in the day. This singer had over two million Joy Divison shirts out in the market but despite the fame his songs could only manage two listeners. The ratio of his numerous shirts compared to that of his songs was incomparable and terrible.

· Johnny Cash

The fact that his name sounds pretty cool doesn’t mean that his music sounds cool too. Johnny Cash used to be a very confused artist who at some point wrote songs about sleeping with his sister. He was a total wreck who had the worst music and was also an alcoholic, and that’s why he fits in the list of the worst singers.

At the end of the day, the list of the worst singers in the world keeps growing. Our attention is constantly distracted by singers who pollute our inner peace with distorted sound and on many occasions we miss out on the real singers who really matter.

The Worst Singers in the World
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