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Photography is a big part of everyone’s life whether people realize that or not, including you. It is a way people save precious moments, adventurous, and memories forever. You do not need to be a photographer to be familiar with cameras, ever since social media like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube is booming more people have shown interest in this form of art where you can be creative in taking a video or a picture. Here are some types of cameras that you often hear about and their general purpose.


Thanks to the ever-evolving technology, taking shots from the sky above is no longer exclusive to an only professional movie crew. Drone is a camera that is attached to a small leg and body with blades that can fly and controlled by you from the ground. It is no secret that DJI is the leading brand of the drones at the moment, they all have the best ones from the smallest to the highest quality. Look up amateurs de drones to know about their latest product.

Action Camera

cameraA tiny camera that can withstand anything from wind, dust, water to salt water is what many people need if they do a lot of outdoor activities. This camera might not have a lot of options and menus to play with, but it is very effective to take pictures and video with because it is easy to carry and to attach to anything that you wish.

Vlogging Camera

a cameraThough there is no such thing as a particular camera that is made just for vlogging, some cameras can come with certain qualities and features for it to be classified as vlogging material. First of all the camera needs to be light so you will not have a sore arm the day after you vlog, and you need to be able to flip the screen so you can see yourself.

Phone Camera

The last one that everyone probably has is a phone camera. What kind of phones nowadays that does not come with a piece of the lens that can take pictures or videos? Probably only satellite phones. Even though it is not a DSLR or SLR, but do not ever underestimate the ability of your phone’s camera because Apple, Samsung, Google, and all the big players have stepped up their game to make sure that you can use your phone to take professional pictures.

Types of Cameras That You Need
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